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Portable Lesuire Outing Pet Booster Dog Car Seat Bed

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This Portable Lesuire Outing Pet Booster Dog Car Seat Bed makes it easy to take your pet anywhere! It can be installed in your car, or you can carry it in your hand or on your shoulder, so your pet can get a good relaxation and sleep while you are out and about, enjoying this journey with you.

  • Safety: Safety rope design and durable fabric allows your pet to get a safe moving environment. With the adjustable safety harness, your pet can be secured in the passenger or back seat of the car for maximum safety.
  • Easy to carry: Can provide a comfortable sleep for your pet in the car, and when you get out of the car, you can change the way you use the bag and take your pet freely to anywhere. The semi-enclosed design allows pets to easily see out of the bag, moving comfortably and reducing the probability of depression and anxiety.
  • Washable: Can be used for hand washing or machine washing, which ensures that it is clean. You can keep this bag looking new with minimal effort to prevent dust and bacteria.
Single Seat:18.11*16.53*9.44 / 13.38 in(46*42*24 / 34cm)
Two Seat:23.62*19.68*9.44 / 14.17 in(60*50*24 / 36cm)
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