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Poached Egg Lamb Velvet Pet Sofa Dog Recliner Cat Sofa

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Pets are a great companion to fill in the time, and everything has a spirit, so give it a sofa to complete your home. The human sofa-Pets must also have replica versions and replicate respect and love.

  • Poached egg colour combination:A yellow and white colour combination that gets into your pet's eyes and allows naturally colour-challenged pets to see it at a glance.
  • Handrail design:Semi-enclosed design for a more secure feeling, comfortable for sitting, lying and relying on.
  • Lamb Velvet fabric:The two-colour jacquard fabric gives a three-dimensional touch and is skin-friendly and warm, so comfortable that your pet can rub it free.
  • Detachable design: Easy to clean and keep your sofa hygienic and care for your pet's health.
  • Anti-slip particle:The base is covered with silicone anti-slip particles for added friction and peace of mind.


Main material: 
Polypropylene cotton,Lamb Velvet

Products Sizes:
S:55*52*30 cm / 21.7*20.5*11.8 in
M:70*60*35 cm  / 27.6*23.6*13.8 in​

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