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Shake Toys Pet Bed Cat Gaming Mat Cat Bed

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Is your cat listless at home? A cat bed filled with vocalizing toys,can exercise your cat's hunting instincts, enrich the cat's active mood, help you keep your pet company, make up for the lonely time your pet has at home.

  • Toy pendant: Supporting four different shapes of pendant toys, and respectively built-in sound paper, catnip, can exercise the cat's hunting instinct. You can also hang up your cat's favorite toy and sleep with him.
  • Support rod: The glass fiber rod has good resilience, the four supports are not easy to be damaged. It can be matched with the tent diy, or it can be removed and used as a separate cat bed.
  • Double-sided cushion: polyester cotton and fluffy double-sided fabric, universal in four seasons, full pp cotton filling around the rim, can let pets comfortable pillow, protect the spine. Removable for cleaning and reuse.
  • Anti-slip at the bottom: The bottom adopts drops of glue particles to prevent slipping and dampness, so that the cat can experience a full sense of security.
  • Easy installation: Connected with the support rod through Velcro.​
Main material:
Fluff cloth, Polypropylene cotton, Polyester cloth, Glass fiber rod

Products Sizes:
Green Round: 67*48*47 cm / 26.38*18.9*18.5 in
Checkerboard Square: 65*54*47 cm / 25.59 * 21.26 * 18.5 in
Blue Round:67*48*47 cm / 26.38*18.9*18.5 in
Green Square: 65*54*47 cm / 25.59 * 21.26 * 18.5 in
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