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Fun Toys Mat Pizza Cat Bed

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How about turning a delicious slice of pizza into a scaled-up pizza cat bed?
The comfortable curved pillow can support the pet's neck, and there are stickers on the back of the toy to change the position and play alone, a sleeping and playing pizza cat bed just appears beside your pet.

  • Gentle fabric: Skin-friendly polyester fabric does not hurt the skin, and the 3cm thick sponge pad provides a comfortable sleep.
  • Interesting toys: Toys can be pasted at will, so that happiness is always with your pet.
  • Non-slip base fabric: The design of dotted Oxford base fabric keeps the cat bed in place, waterproof and moisture-proof. Built-in zipper for easy cleaning.


Main material: 
Polypropylene cotton, Polyester cloth, Flannelette, Sponge, Dotted Oxford Cloth

Products Sizes:
Cushion 1.18*23.62*23.62 in​

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