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Collapsible Cat Play Tunnel Bed

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Hiding has engraved in the cat's DNA, this is the nature of all cats. When uneasy, a space to hide could calm them down, and it's even better if they can also look around secretly. This product meets all your cat's needs.

  • Big space: This spacious connected tunnel s appeal to cat to hide, stalk, bounce and chase in it, encouraging healthy activity and bring out their natural hunting and hiding instinct.
  • Unique hole design:Our designers had very thoughtfully designed cat tunnels with openings in different directions, one is on the side, one is on the top. You can choose according to your furry friends' preferences.
  • Extra bonus of fun: The cat tunnel equipped with the feather-shaped toys at the opening, which add more fun to the tunnel, brings hours to hours exercise and self amusement.
  • Collapsible and portable: Our cat tunnel folds down small in seconds. Meanwhile, the entire tunnel weighs only 1.9 pounds, which allows you and your kitty to take the entertainment anywhere.

Please Note:
1. Separate the channel from the outside cloth before washing
2. Soak for five minutes and rinse with water
3. Air dry naturally, do not put it in the washing machine, otherwise, the longevity of this product will reduce.

Main Material: 
Polyester, Nylon
Products Sizes:
96*27 cm / 37.7*10.6 in
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